The word logistics was first used as a military term by Colonel Brooke Broker (USA) in 1900s.

Today it means effective and productive planning, implementation and control of flow and storage of raw material, semi product and finished product and the information related with them from the beginning point of the raw material to the end for meeting the requirements of the customers.

While our company is acting with the mentality of department within the customers, it took its position with professional staff in this sector which changes and gains new basis by not forgetting that it is a corporate which provides confidence in every aspect of logistics, creates solution and provides service.

production – stocking – market to market place
then produce = Quick and safe logistics

For increasing its service, Oskar Group which is the strong ring of the chain capitalized its experience, mind, maturity and very precious time.

Accordingly our company can provide domestic/foreign transportation service for 7/24 according to the requirements.

Our company was organized in a way that to be your solution partner by evaluating the orders given via internet, mail and telephone immediately in case of your vehicle requests.
Our vehicles that are appropriate for your request, our present fleets and contracted vehicles are controlled by our expert personnel of office and then directed to you.

Arrival controls of shipped vehicles are carried out by vehicle tracking units within due date in accordance with the commitment terms and our customers are informed via sms-mail or interactive services.

After required deliveries are carried out, all delivery dcouments are archieved after being controlled, our archieve doucmentation unit has the equipment to send all documents of the related shipment to the customer within 24 hours when requested.

1- Production facilities, route optimization for arrival of goods on time which are released from store and warehouse and appropriate vehicle transportation model.
2- Loading and discharging service in store and production facilities.
3- Temporary regional storage opportunities according to requests.
4- Improvement of transportation and enabling to carry out the delivery on time.
5- Full time follow-up from the internet
6-Integrated solutions with activities of customs clearance, storage with and without being subjected to customs and distribution which are created for imported products.
7- Activities of projecting, stocking, wrapping, handling and packaging.
All of your transportations are carried out within the scope of insurance and the risk anxiety of the customers disappear.

Since we respect to the laws, we applied to Ministry of Transportation and received R2, K1, K2 authorization certificated once the Land Transportation Law entered into effect. All services focus on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and a significant importance is given to quality.